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Losing the will!

Sorry all but am having a really bad day, hubby offshore and daughter at college and I need to have a moan! I suffer with fibro, arthritis, depression and anxiety, am stuck in bed today because pain is so bad . Still waiting on my esa appeal and dla appeal, it has been months and I am at the poin of giving up. I just don't think I have it in me to fight anymore. I am sick and tired of having to prove that I am disabled. Does anyone else get like this?

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Unfortunately yes I have arthritis and fibro and ibs and yes the pain gets to us .. Like you when I am having a really bad day I find it helps to put it out on here rather than bottle it up

Hugs VG x


I can feel your frustration at the esa and dla departments, I know where your coming from with trying to prove to the pen pushers how you feel...........Scream and shout loud.....I won't give it...And direct your energy to the DWP....Write to them and Moan....Phone..And Moan...

Phone your MP and again moan.....

Then sit back and relax and know that this public servants will also be having a Pant's Day too.............xx


I do feel for you, this is a very common feeling for many Fibromites (people with Fibromyalgia). We all reach a point where we have had enough. It's at times like these that we have to try to think of the good in our lives, our partners if we have one, our children, even our pets! Anything that gives us comfort and a reason to keep fighting.

I know it's easy to say and so darn difficult to keep fighting, there have been times when I felt i couldn't fight my symptoms and pain for another second let alone another day.

Have you spoken to your GP lately and told them how low you are feeling? Do you take antidepressants? If you do, you might need your dose adjusting to give you a bit of a prop to help you through this phase. If you don't, it might be a good idea to try them for a while until you feel more on top of things. Autumn and Winter are always harder times for us to manage with the colder weather and darker evenings coming soon, it isn't failure to need a bit of help sometimes especially when we have a lot to cope with and contend with.

Have you considered the possibility of counselling? Obviously this isn't possible when you are stuck in bed feeling poorly, however, when you feel a bit better it might help you to pour it all out to someone independent and detached from the day to day Fibro grind. It does feel a grind sometimes doesn't it.

Please know that we are all here for you, we all understand how you feel, so please feel free to offload. A problem shared is a problem halved so they say. Please give what I have said some thought, it might help you once you feel a little better.

You might even consider joining a local support group where you can meet others with Fibro, compare notes, have a laugh over a drink and maybe a snack too. If this sounds too much for you, just pop along to check it out and see how you feel. Support groups always welcome new members and again, everyone understands because they all have Fibro! :)

Make sure you keep warm and take care of yourself too. Please let us know how you get on and if there is anything we can do to help you. Here's a hug for you, please message me privately* if you feel you would rather discuss things on a private basis, sometimes that helps members because they don't want to post too much info in a message or blog etc. It's up to you but I am more than happy to listen and to support you where I can. ((( hug )))

* click on my name, it will take you to my profile and then select send a message. :)


I am a seasoned fibromite and I still have days like this and that will probabaly never change. But I find I am worse if I have people around me all the time and I have started to crave time on my own, not all the time, just some of the time. After my ESA tribunal decided to agree with ATOS and award no points I decided it was time to stop trying to prove I was disabled as it was making me more ill. I know I will have to face it all again when my indefinite DLA is abolished and it changes to PIP, but that may be a little while off, and while my daughter has an occupational therapist who knows about my bad health, I may have a better fighting chance with her on board. But I really feel for you and want things to go well for you. You know where we are xxxxx


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