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hand ont work

well i havvent written on here for a while but i do read most blogs went doctors last week pain killers not orking he gave me depression pills lol i keep telling him im not depressed im in pain but hay ho i will try them im now on day 6 of taking the pills i dont feel any better in constant pain this mornig i have fibo fog and my left hand wont do as its told the pain in my back is unbearable i need some pain killers that will at least ease the pain he keeps offering me morphine patches thats good except it im elergic to morphine it high lites in red on his computoe screen but he still wants me to have them i told my hubby the other day im going to except them next time and that when i start taking them he best be ready with a phone to call the ambulance. no really im thinking if i had the energy and wasnt in pain id retrain as a doctor then i would know what to take ive really had enough im going to ask to see different doctor next time

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Sorry you are having such a hard time lately . Give the anti dpressants some time if you have one brand that suits you they will work I had to try 3. Now I am on dosulepin.... An old cheap one ... It scrambles your pain signals in the brain and if taken last thing at night they should relax your muscles slightly and give you better sleep... I think lots of people on here take them and not for depression just standard treatment for fibro... I didn't believe it myself till I read it on one of the fibro info pages. For me they have really made a difference I sleep at night. Please don't take morphine if it doesn't agree with you.... It makes me really constipated and set off my ibs... Please see another dr don't try to sit at home in pain




thanks ive been on 3 different anti dousulepin didnt work for me had reactions to it, im hoping when it stats to work it will rex me enough to get a good sleep. that will make me feel a bit better or at leat give me some energy to cope with the pain but im not holding out muh hope lol ive managed to get into see another doctor but have to wait two weeks by then i would have been on pills 4 weeks so i should have soe signs of them working or not lol. thankxs for the reply


It can take 3 to 4 weeks for the antidepressants to start working, I'm currently on my 3rd week of Sertraline, and I am just feeling a tiny bit better, so be patient, it will be worth it in the end.


I was on amitripyline which is supposed to be good for fibro. People say but that is an anti depress, but it is also used for fibro. They workded well for me for a long time then stopped. Then I tried Dosulepin, and after 6 weeks, no change so I am back to the AMitrips now and waiting for them to kick in. I would like to be able to take pain killers, but due to severe stomach troubles I cannot xxxxx


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