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Please is there someone who can help me? I have rang the Job Center Plus today regarding my back pay of ESA which at my appeal was awarded to me! The judge has put the decision made on the 6/6 2011 has been set aside! I`ve rang them and they have said there isnt any outstanding monies due to me as I have been put into the work related group, but they had put me into the support group in March after me sending another ESA50 form back, then went to appeal in Aug for a previous ESA50 form!! What do I do now???

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hi there you really really need to speak to welfare rights or c.a.b or someone legallly regarding this.

as im very confused as to whats happening here.i rang the job centre and asked abt mine as theres two blogs today worrying me.

i only won mine last week and ive just re read mine and mine was set aside so looks like i wont be getting a back payment either.

and ive been placed in wrag group too.

this is them doing all they can not to pay the back pay they owe us?

the job centre havent received the decision yet from appeals?

please please get some advice asap?

did they not explain anything further to you?did you attend the other appeal?and why was this?

sorry just trying to help you?good luck x


Hi Sammy. They rang me back this afternoon and shes looking into it. She said I would get a letter by the end of next week but I wont hold my breath! When I went to appeal in Aug I told them that I had two appeals waiting to be heard for ESA, the were very good and said that they only had one and would ring through to DWP for me and if I had got two then they would do the two together. But when they rang DWP said I had only sent one appeal through to them, which is a lie. I still have to get in touch with the welfare rights who were helping me at the time just to see if they still have the copy of the first appeal papers sent. Its all a big bloody mess, stress I could do with out. They just want us to die and be done with it! If I hadnt got my two Sons then they would have their wish! I did say to her if they wanted me to take the decision paper for them to copy at my job center then I would, but again she said no. They dont believe what you say to then. When we go to appeal it should be law that tbey have 7days to make a payment to us or get a penalty the same as we would get if we dont pay monies back to them. Did speak to AgeUK about it and she said they will have to pay it its my money. Thanks Sammy x


hi I would agree with Sammy about this CAB are really good most of the time .. please dont give up xx

gentle hugs


Thanks Lexie. It gets you like that sometimes when they just dont listen or even care about us all. Tried from 10 this mornin until 11.30 to get through to CAB but they were all busy and it just said ring between 10 en 4. Will try again in the morn, if I have the energy en strength. xx


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