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misty ped your infomation? I'm sooo tired I can't read!

Felt really tired so turned TV off at 1am instead of 2.30am. Got to sleep & woke up with achy legs & back spasm. Looked at clock it's 2.20am ARGGGGH!

I got a drink, walked around downstairs to ease my pain to no avail, so I have come into the study to sit at the computer & use the back massage pad. Thought I'd look at my 2nd email account, not been on for ages. CAN'T get on it as I can't remember my password! Then it asked me a list of stupid questions like when did I open the account & when was the last time I used it? Doh?

If I can't remember my password, I'm not going to remember the rest, am I? It then asked for my mother's maiden name & said I'd got that wrong too! OOHHH! The sheer frustration of it! It told me I had misty ped the information. MISTY PED? Misty ped? Whaaat?

I gather you have worked out by now what it says..........................mis typed!!! LOL!

OK, I now can't read, that's obviously how tired I am!!! I need some SLEEEEP!

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Morning Shadow Hope you have managed some sleep! I have been up since 5am could have ben arlier it is just as dark now as it was then. I LOL at your misty ped info I am constantly doing silly little things like that I also read things completely wrongly and then spend ages working them out Hehe . have a good day xgins


Morning shadow hope you got some sleep at long last.

I try and write everything down since i got ill.we got woken up by our cat .2.30 am so wasnt amused.

Sat here feeling shattered now.


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