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Disabled bus pass

Well today I had a dentist check up, so I decided to use the hail and ride bus that goes past my house then connects to another bus that goes right past the dentist. Got my sticks and my pass and waited by my house for the bus by the time it arrived the oaps who know the bus timetable had gathered with me... What an eye opener ... They insisted I got on first and made me sit in the seats at the front with walking stick stickers by them I felt quite emotional to have these really able and friendly elderly people fussing over me. It was such a nice day sunny not cold so nice to get out and be treated like a human being .. Not stared at or tutted at as I am when on my mobility scooter. Plus a relief my new ibs medicine is finally working so I could actually get out.

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Glad to hear that you have had a better day and a good experience on public transport, even if it was to go to the dentist. You must try to go somewhere nice next time! Jane x


Im so so pleased.and getting out,can make such a difference to our moods too.

Glad i.b.s meds working.wot are you taking?.x


Thanks both sammy I am taking mintec peppermint oil 0.2ml capsules 1 or 2 three times a day and mebeverine 135 mg tablets 3 a day. It took 5 days for them to start working but at last it seems to be improving... Enough for me to leave the house for a couple of hours so that's a positive.


So glad your meds are working and that you managed to get out its nice when people are kind .


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