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Thanks a Million FibroAction

I just wanted to say thank you to FibroAction for having such a great tool for all us sufferers.

I have left several questions since joining a few weeks back and the comments left by you my other Fibro Friends, have helped me to understand so many things about Fibro. I have had difficulties for so many years and never knew why. By knowing Why etc I am learning to come to terms with this horrible illness. Now I just need to adjust me life to make it more enjoyable, The road ahead seems brighter, thanks a million.

Regards to all my fellow Fibro Friends and thanks


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Well said I have been here nearly a month have had support ...advice I have been reduced tears... Of laughter at the madness people suggest we should do and the jokes and sadness at what some of us have to go through... Rant or be happy everyone here wants to know... Long may the site carry on.



I love this site - only been here for a few months myself but it has taught me so much and is a great community.

Julie xx


Yes, knowing that you are not alone is really helpful. Obviously none of us would wish this horrid illness on anybody else, but just being able to share the ups and downs of our journey to wellness (hopefully) with others who are in the same boat makes it all a bit more bearable I find. Jane x


I agree with all the above!

We all understand as we are all going thru the same in varying degrees. We can sympathise, empathise, & most important of all not judge!

Gentle hugs to all xx


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