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My Ups and downs are miles apart!

Morning peeps.

I find im either on top of the world and (almost) fighting fit, all be it worlds apart from my younger self, to bed ridden!

There's no continuity. Some days I nearly have no pain at all and sooo much energy so I do 'normal' things (there's always SOME pain) only to find im paying for those one or two precious days with doom and gloom, pain and problems.

So when people DO see me out and about im fine,but then they say 'oh I haven't seen you for a few weeks' probably because im practically house bound either mentally or physically.

I do try to move about a as much as I can and on days I can I will take my dogs out whilst riding my bike. The bike helps me because walking can be so painful. But either way I do take my dogs out everyday on foot despite how I feel. I just have to make sure its during the time my meds are working at their best.

On good days im sure I could go to work, but sadly the good days don't last, the more I do on good days the worse or longer days punish me :-(

I have plenty of other medical problems too, I think my depression is my worst enemy.

Is anyone else the same?

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I know what you mean I have been well for the last few months

When I say we'll I mean like you still pain but can manage the pain

Today I am up an the pain is back with a vengeance, I then think

What had triggered it am I stressed? No, is it some thing I have

Eaten ? Is it the weather, but her weather has not been good for

The last few weeks so,why the pain now.

I don't have depression, well get a bit low when I get the pain

But not depressed.

It's a strange thing this fibro.


Thats the sneaky thing with fibro ... It lurks quietly till you think they hey i,m feeling great and it last right until you try to do anything " normal"... I.e pre fibro and then it hits you all over with a meat mallet you can almost hear the satisfied smirk it gives while doing this ...then you drag yourself to a comfy place to rest.. But no it's not going to let you rest it wants to play you into total exhaustion then it goes back into hiding till you feel better.... Then it starts all over again....

Sympathetic hugs

VG x


You're right verygrumpy, its like a little devil hiding in the wings grrrr nasty evil thing :'(

I hope your bad spell ends soon Vivien xx


hi vivien yes that is me to a t , i do not try to work out why i flare but my hubby does but its just because.It doesn't need an excuse as it does what it wants. warm hugs x


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