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Darkness attached

What is happening to a lot of men and women at the minute because of the rigorous testing, questioning, and cold approach to the new benefit system is; people are mentally drained and their coping mechanisms are shattered already, they are feeling alone, afraid and increasingly and very worrying to say, suicidal.

So should the ATOS employees just sell rope instead of asking things from a computerised generated questionniare .

People should demand an audit and the audit office should be all over what is obvious, considerable loss of millions.

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I reckon they probably don't care - it would save money on benefits


its disgusting how atos and the government leave people like us to just rot away.

i had my appeal last week and they laid into me making me out to be a lair and left me feeling very very down after.

then they made us wait 3 days before we got the letter..

atos made a bunch of lies up about me and i shouldnt have to keep defending myself all time.

the rates of suicide are gonna get much much worse coz if you fail your appeal your left on the scrapheap scared and sometimes homeless and penniless.

i live in constant fear of this.


I'm lucky that I'm able to work but I know I'm only a relapse away from going through the same worry that the rest of you are. It's hard enough having to cope with the fatigue/pain and all other symptoms without worrying about where your next meal is coming from or how they are going to afford their bills. When I watched The Omen I never imagined Damien would end up at no 10!


you most prob have more chance getting any of them to listen to you if you say you are abusing drugs or alcohol, self harm or are going to take your own life, but tell them you are in pain and they most prob won't believe you, oh by the way, it's not just that department. try asking the mental health department for help too and the are too busy dealing with the above, if you have pain, it's ok... go find a job it will make you better !!

sorry to be so cynical, but it's just one if those days I feel is going to be a bad one! :(

never mind the physical side of trying to do anything, but the mental attitude is its in our minds......... I bet if you asked them to hold the rope for you...."they wouldn't want to get their hands dirty" !!!!!!


Hi, its been a few months from my last blogfession lol symptoms just worsening . 35 and I walk...rather, stumble and shuffle along dragging my leg at times, dizziness, depression worse than ever. Anyway ; apart from that I am scared as my epilepsy is playing up and I don't want to go back to having seizures :-(

I can't after two years of being diagnosed after 4/5 yrs of tests xrays etc adjust because ostensibly the nature of what's happening to my body. No two days are the same and ms has to be ruled out and god knees I still can't get my whole family to understand.


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