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A quickie on foot creams, as I've finally found mine!

I remember a while back that there was a discussion on foot creams for people with hot feet, and others said that theirs were the opposite, and freezing! I was hunting around at home for some that we used to stock at work, and couldn't find it, until this weekend.

The brand is Gehwol Fusskraft, and there are 3 types; green and blue are for hot feet (I think green has an antibacterial/antifungal action too) and red is to warm up cold feet. They're all full of natural essential oils, and smell gorgeous!

You can get them on amazon; they're not the cheapest things - usually around £7 for a 125ml tube - but they are good, if anyone wants to try them. They last ages, too.

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Thanks for the tip. I might ask for some for Christmas. I have horrid feet that are always freezing! Jane x


Ooh, will look at that, i'm with you, my feet are always burning and hot, easpecially in bed. Thanks for the info! X


I would love to use a foot cream for something like this. I suffer with hot feet and cold feet. But I tend to make more use of a bowl of water, warm when cold, a cold when warm. The reason I cannot use creams is because I cannot get down that far with triggering severe burning pain in my upper back and shoulders as well as my neck. My hubby will put my socks on if I want some on but he draws the line at applying foot cream lol. But I do hope it helps others xxxx


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