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Well I have been feeling very tired since last wednesday and have been able to do less and less each day but yesterday I lost my speech again,this happened twice last year, and my left side became very weak. Nothing I can do about it as if I had gone to hospital they would have just said it is part of my illness but am at my GPs tomorrow so will see what he says x

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  • I don't mean to alarm you but is it possible that you have had a minor stroke? I think it might be worth a telephone call to your GP or NHS direct just for reassurance (obviously you would need somebody to do this for you if your voice has not returned). Sorry if I have upset you but I worry about my virtual friends on here! I do hope that you feel a bit better very soon anyway. Jane x

  • Thank you for your concern my friend has just been round and has said the same thing, I have a nurse coming at 2.15 so will let her get in touch with someone. i will update you when I have any news. Thanks again Sue xx

  • Oh good! I am glad that you have folks who care about you. Do keep us posted! J x

  • Well my nurse phoned the emergency doctor who wouldnt come out he said it will be to do with ongoing problems and to see my usual GP tomorrow. The nurse was disgusted and told him to log that she had rung. So will have to get a friend to take me down tomorrow and see what happens then!

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