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Spacey feeling

Does anyone get a spacey kind of feeling. People at work pulled me up on it and told me that I wasnt looking myself and I was kind of shocked because I felt absolutely terrible and wasnt aware that anybody else could pick up on it. I felt that everything I picked up to do at work needed extra concentration and it took me ages to complete a simple task. It felt almost trance like!

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have you started taking a new med ? it could be a side effect to a medication, or it could just be brain fog I'm saying just lol but its not good.

there are sometimes I can't seem to do the simplest things, even more so when I am fatigued/in a lot of pain or there is too many external noises/ things going on

but when I take tramadol painkillers that really spaces me out.



No I am not taking any new meds but just taking duloxetine once a night. Its funny that you mention noise because when I get this foggy head I cant deal with more than one sound or answer simple questions and I feel like I need to distance myself until it passes. This was one of the first symptoms that I went to docs about because I felt like I was starting with dementia and my doctor accused me of being a secret drinker! I feel that the symptoms of foggy head are worse when I am tired or stressed out


I can't handle noise either and often watch tv with subtitles.

I feel spacey on the days I don't seem able to wake up properly - I have to go back to bed or I start to stumble and fumble.




Look love, my family have told me I always had a spacey look on me when out with them (not very often), and that its getting worse every time I go out, I constantly get whoever is with me, calling my name as if bringing me back to earth, just all part of this lovely illness, we are bestowed with, best of all is I find people I know are used to it and very gentle with me, God love us all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oh and I cant stand noise most days, other days I have to have the radio on if theres lots of lovely nice songs on, until it gets noisy and I have to turn it off, joy of joys xxxxxxxxx

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