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Welfare advice for me is to give up tackling DLA tribunal decision and re apply!

Took my DLA tribunal decision to welfare advisor with 25 years welfare experience to be told.......

Re apply!

or apply for ESA.

I was awarded low level care at tribunal after DWP refused my in September last year. I get 0 mobility despite being very immobile for 70% of the time and bedbound for 30%. The advisor said he had never seen a judge even award the right to appeal tribunal on a point of law against the tribunal decision and the fact my then GP had given a completely false statement about me was not an issue. He had even lied and said he had seen me when he hadnt seen me for 4 months!

Welfare thought I may get middle rate care but the risk is they may retract the meager award i have just won if i am unsuccessfull and have re applied.

He did have some interesting advice for ESA points which I will blog seperately. I explained to him that I was not prepared to worsen my health by taking up a fight with the ESA folk despite being elligible due to contributions.

I came to this decision due to the changes being drafted to introduce Pips next year and realising that I will be back where I started fighting again then in any case. I will save my fight for their next round as I need to build up energy before then.

Living in hope that health will improve before then and it may well become irrelevant.

I so desperately want OUT of this system as it screws up my head.

Warm kind thoughts to all of you stuck in the same yo yo situation!

NN :)

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