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does anyone else get itchy skin


laterly my skin has become very itchy and i wonder if it was to do with the condition or medication as i have not changed anything else wud really like some feed bk

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Mine gets dry more than itchy. I use body shop body butter once or twice a day and that really helps (I put it on my christmas and birthday pressie lists).

Julie xx

Oh my gosh I itch everywhere all the time head skin on legs back etc ... When I walk I can get do itchy it makes me want to be sick - don't take any meds- just me - perhaps a bit weird :s

My skin itches a lot and is always itchy :'(

Oh yes I have named mine ants they are horrible.

my scalp can be the worst

There are several causes of itchy skin. The most serious, and one to bear in mind if you take a lot of medication, is an alteration in liver function. Always worth checking with your GP, as this is a noted side effect of some drugs

Fairly common is itching caused by fungal infections, eczema, parasitic infection or insect bites. These are usually obvious as the skin is red and inflamed, and obviously needs medical attention.

Most common at all is itching from dry skin, which is almost always caused by over-use of shower-gels, bath foams and other toiletries.

We all like a daily shower or bath, but plenty of warm water and a small amount of mild soap is really all that is necessary to keep you fresh. Soap has become unfashionable, and we are all persuaded that shower gels and body washes are the way forward, but baby soap is probably your best bet if you have irritable skin.

If this might be your problem, try a bath or shower in slightly cooler water, use much less cleansing product, pat dry gently and whilst the skin is still damp, apply a little mild, unscented oil or cream. Personally I find that pure coconut oil, sweet almond oil or even olive oil is best, though with the latter you may end up smelling like an Italian delicatessen!

If all else fails, there's always calamine lotion, or one of the creams specifically designed to relieve itching - Eurax is a good one, but there are several available at any chemist. Your doctor or pharmacist may prescribe an antihistamine tablet for you, but don't take these without medical advice if you are on any other treatment.

Hope this helps!

Scratchy hugs ... Moffy x

Hi, It may be a form of prickly heat when your hot ie in bath ,shower ,depending on age menopause or in bed warm duvet.I get this a lot and usually find that if i run my wrists under a cold tap the itching decreases and in hot weather it's really bad and have to take piriton as creams tend to give me rashes.hope this helps,x jo


Hiya, I suffer with itchy and dry skin, but I also have developed chronic urticaria which causes me to get even itchier skin as its like hives.

I find the best thing to do is wear loose fitting clothes and apply a good lotion.

Hi, I have a small reddish patch on the top of my right hand, it can itch like crazy!! I've had this for several months. It's not dry skin, it's just a red patch that really irritates! That is something I havnt mentioned to the dr, as when I last went I did go with a rather long list of problems! Lol. I will have to mention it next time go! Annie x

When I had a medical at the hospital a few weeks ago the consultant asked if I had a rash/itchy skin, he sais it is quite common in fibro.

I use a bite/sting cream, works for me

I itch all over, diffreent bits on different days...I'm itching now!!!! I itch in my sleep! I itch to the point i take my skin off and bleed! :-( I use E45 itch helps a little. I never thought this could be related to Fibro?

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