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RIP Andy Williams

As a child in the 60's and 70's a weekly ritual was to watch the Andy Williams show. He had the most exquisite voice, like rich golden caramel. Then there were those cute little lads the Osmonds and later the cookie bear.

Andy died yesterday (tuesday) night of cancer. He had a full and eventful life and was a real talent, classy, a gentleman.

On the BBC link is an interview from one of the nicest men on the planet - a man who calls me his friend, Jimmy Osmond.

The Williams and Osmond families are in my prayers tonight.

Julie xx

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I used to watch him to and well remember "can I have a cookie?" bear.

I was saddened to hear it.



The cookie bear Lorraine on daybreak this morning was telling Aled jones about the cookie bear and andy Williams and no one in the whole studio could remember it ... Lorraine was appealing for someone to agree with her about the bear.. I don't remember the bear but my mum and dad had his records and I remember listening to them so often...

VG x


Cookie bear was brilliant, as was Andy Williams. Me and my old dad used to be in raptures when "Here cums da bear", came on. BRILL.


I've got lp's and cassette tapes by andy.




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