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Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing ok? Or as well as you can!!!! I havent blogged for a while but have been reading some blogs. I am still struggling at work but had a meeting with HR on Monday and got another one on Fri. I have been so lucky with my work as they are really trying so much to accommodate my needs - which i know that they need to to a degree but they really have been so good. Hopefully i will get some good news from them on friday about my shifts.

I was at the docs today for a review of my meds etc and to see how im doing. I need to go and get another blood test on monday to get my B12 levels checked again and if they are still low then i will probably need to either get the injection or the tablets. I explained that i am suffering at work and still in pain and especially in the morning my heels feelas if they are about to be ripped off me!!!!! Said that i am still not sleeping well and not getting refreshed sleep.Pain still bad in hips,legs feet and still getting the burning sensation and sore to touch. Doc wants to see what the B12 is like and go from there. So it was summed up as home life - good no changes, work - they are working with me but nothing else has changed and im trying to deal with it!!!!!! Doc asked if i worked nights or late shifts? I said no latest i work too is 6pm which he said thats not to bad whats the issue. Had to explain what i do so think he know gets it.

Its so frustrating i feel that i need extra help but also feel as if i am not getting it. I dont know if it is me not pushing hard enough or explainning things correctly. Will just need to wait until i get the B12 done and go from there.

Sorry for the long blog!!!

Take Care

Jo xx

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yre doing great with working let along handling everything else.i admire you so much..and hope your tests come back okay.

its good also that work are trying there best.x


Hi Sammy, Thank you. I really do want to keep working as much as i can although i may have to reduce my hours again but will see how friday turns out. Its just really hard to keep painting a smile on my face when i feel like rubbish and just want to crumble in a heap!!!! :) But i am trying to keep positve.

How are you?

jo xx


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