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Weather and clogs

Gahhh after posting yesterday how I slept like a log due to my meds I of course spent the night in pain .. When I finally slept and awoke it felt like I had been trampled on by my husband in clogs during the night..... Not the sort of nocturnal activity I would have liked but hey with fibro I expect anything. When he awoke I commented on my feeling to which he mumbled but I don.t have any clogs and lurched out to work ...he is so not a morning person... So was it someone other than my husband cavorting about our bed in clogs or was it rather more boringly pain due to fibro and weather ... Well I know what I am going to pretend happened ;)

Morning all

VG x

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Morning! Glad you had a good sleep but sad the night didn't go so well! I had to laugh at the thought of your husband rolling out of bed wondering what the heck you were going on about :-)

I went to bed exhausted and spent most of the night in agony with my legs. They hurt so much and I ended up dosing on and off all night . Oh we'll more dogs walks today.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


After having a nice afternoon nap I still managed to sleep like a log. Couldn't believe it when the bladder alarm went off at ten, an undisturbed night - yay hang out the flags :-).

Julie xx


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