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I find myself becoming more and more tired and for no particular reason

At night I am now sleeping from 11.00 till 2.00 and then I spend the rest of the night trying to get comfy - to no avail - When I go down stars about 5.00 I take my medicines and by about 8,00 I have stopped hurting for a while.

By 11.00 am am exhausted by two falling asleep - now I am trying to occupy myself before I go out to read the Magazine for the blind tonight. I am already very weary any thing I can use for energy please suggest . Thanks a very wearie Gins

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In tudor times people slept 2 lots of 4 hours, so our current expectation of an 8 hour sleep is not necessarily what suits every one. This illness does seem to play havoc with normal sleeping patterns - I don't know if it is better to strive for a normal pattern or just go with the flow. I find the tirdness worse than the pain myself.

Julie xx


how about getting up when you forst wake up and going back to bed when you have had a cuppa,read.done a crossword etc ? you may find you can get back to sleep again. It is something i need to do sometimes x


Gins that's why you are tired re Tudors ... You are 500 years old..... On a serious note all I can send you are my best wishes and respect that you do something for other people when you are obviously suffering

Gentle hugs



Cheers I feel 500 years old today now I understand Iam a Tudor lol xgins


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