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Nerve endings and sleepless nights !!!!

Morning.. although not a good one.. I have a dreadful burning /pain sensation from my groin to my toes on my left leg and in my left arm and hand...sometimes it just goes numb and burns other times I cannot even bear a cotton sheet on my leg...

I am going to the spinal clinic next week so fingers crossed..they will have an answer..

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So sorry for your uncomfort... But it helps me .... I often have burning patches on my legs in particular that are sore to the touch .. Clothing rubs.... Mine last a couple of hours ... Thought it was a fibro thing you have confirmed it .... Many thanks

Hope you feel better soon good luck at clinic

Hugs VG


Hope the pain passes soon.

Julie xx


Hi I get that as well mainly at night, but some times

You touch some where and feel pain you did not

Know was there.

For me I go into the spare room but on my iPod

Although some times that gets on my nerves

And place a hot water bottle on my legs and

It does help the iPod takes my mind off the

Pain a bit. I try very hard not to take medication

As it does not realy take the pain away



This sounds a lot like peripheral neuropathy. I have it in my legs and feet and last night was a bad night for me too!! Good luck at your appt. and let us know~~


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