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Officially long term sick - bored already

Well I go back to the clinic on Wed and from there straight to surgery. My friend is coming with me so I don't chicken out again. She took me to see the little monkey yesterday and reckoned he was missing me and has been moping. Hmm can't say I noticed - he looked up, did a double take then went back to eating his hay! My car Alice the Yarris is still at the stables cos I sat in the driver's seat and tried to put her in gear but it hurt my shoulder so I had to admit defeat and leave her there :(

Am going to be me next to useless after the op but OH is doing a cracking job of looking after me and all the fuzzies

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Good luck with the surgery xx


Hi, good luck for weds...... Hmmm maybe if you had stuffed your clothes with hay.....Going for the wurzel gumidge look..... Not very flattering ... But bet you would have got his attention then.

Hugs VG x


Haha I'd have been eaten alive verygrumpy, I like to think he just noticed that I was there and was therefore content.

Cup of tea and a slice o cake Aunt Sally?

Storm x


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