Problems swallowing

I've had this before, when eating or swallowing tablets (which there are many of) I feel like things are getting stuck and not going down properly. I've seen GP ages ago and was sent for a barium drink and x-ray. Tests proved clear. Symptoms did ease after a while and I had forgotten about the episode. Now its started again. Over the last few months I've had no end of digestive problems and the worst constipation ever!

should I be concerned or just put it down to Fibro?

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  • I too get this from time to time usually when my anxiety gets worse i dont know if this is something you suffer from but i would defo get it checked out by your gp

    hope you get answeres soon

    virtual hugs sleepy

  • Might be some of the upper-end issues related to IBS, or maybe an unrelated reflux issue? Either way, it's probably best to get it checked out again, to be on the safe side.

    Sara xx

  • Yes thank you. Its not every time I swallow but it does put me off eating at times and so does the constipation. I feel sorry for my Dr. I put off going sometimes because I hate feeling like im just moaning n making stuff up!

    I think I will mention it when I go again, im sure it will be soon! Xx

  • i get this from time to time it gets so bad i crnt swallow food and feel as if everythings getting stuck in my throat it does get worse with anxiety so hope this has been helpfull ,gentle hugs

  • A feeling of not being able to swallow properly, feeling as if something is stuck in your throat or a persistent throat clearing cough can all be signs of Thyroid problems - which is very common with Fibro. A blood test can check this out for you.

    Julie xx

  • I've had underactive thyroid for 11 years now but this has only occured in the last 6-8 months.

  • A friend of mine has this problem, he sorted it out with yogurt!

    He takes a spoonful of yogurt and puts a couple of pills on top, then finds he can swallow the lot.

  • Now that's a good idea. I did think of butter but id get fat(ter) lol and after 10 pills id probably throw up too!

  • Same here. I've never had it before. I hope you can get around it somehow, because it's a very unpleasant experience.

  • When I get like that I stop taking the tablets with water and use apple juice instead. They seem to go down much easier.

  • Swallowing food gets difficult at times too but today I've been fine! :-/

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