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Sore throats and neck pain

I with all the other ailments we get I was wondering if anyone gets persistent sore throats. I also get neck pain. Not the usual muscle thing but one in the front of my neck. I had a lump removed from my throat about 6 months ago and according to the consultant I am okay. I asked him about the throat and neck thing and he just couldn't give me an answer. With this in mind I would like to know if it is a fibro thing or just me.

Many thanks. Try to have a good day and take care.

Bye for now love A x

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Ask your GP to do a thyroid function test - thyroid problems are common with Fibro.

Fibro does seem to badly affect our immune systems hence sore throats and quite possibly swollen glands too.

Julie xx


Hi thank you for replying. Will have a word.

Byefor now love Ax


Yes I have a sore throat most of the time and my neck gets painful

And stiff, I think a lot of people with fibro get sore throats

If you have problems with your neck and it on the side it might be

Thyroid problems, have you lost weight or put weight on go to

Your GP have a blood test


Hi thank you it seems we are all in the same boat. What next.

Have a good evening. Take Care

Bye for now love Ax


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