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Daughters 9th birthday

Well kids had a lovely time had a strict itiniary travel to dundee after school friday book into travel inn which was lovely go to cinema to see paranorman mcdonalds bath and bed by the way i did have 3 9 year old girls with me. Morning breakfast then 9am learn to skate 10am £1 cinema seen topcat play at weavers mill then kfc off to visit granma and bus home. That night couldnt move for pain and today feel like i have flu the good news is the ice arena cinema mcdonalds kfc weavers mill and travel inn are all in one place at camperdown leisure park in dundee. Would i do it again more than likely but think a 2 night stay at the hotel would have been better for recovery time needless to say girls loved it and it was a bit cheeper than organising a big party less stressful too

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Wow!! you were busy but it sounds like it was a lovely treat for your daughter. I am a mum too and although my girls are older then your daughter, its still so nice to do the normal stuff like that. I was dragged around westfield yesterday and boy, am I tired today. The girls are helping with dinner though so at least I am getting a rest before work tomorrow.

Enjoy a restful evening

:) XX


glad it went well.

are you up for an old joke?

Do the Camperdown Ladies sing this song Dun dee, Dun dee?




Just they way to do it. We take our daughter up to a winter wonderland as she is a December baby, we have a walk round the shop so she can spend some money then go to the wonderland fair as well as the outdoor ice rink ( minus dad) and then back to rides and then of for a meal. I get exhausted but as you it is so worth it and is the plan again for this year. Worth the sheer pleasure on my girls face xx


no amount of money could ever buy that look or that feeling.



So true xxx


Happy 9th Bday to her

And its amazing where we find the strengths.

You will be worn out so hope you are feet up being pampered now .

Having 4 myself .. Well grown up now youngest is 11 and its her bday 5th October

She wants a disco party Eek i have to say it was too late in day to organise so a bike she chose from Halfords will be picked up day before, its good there too as can pay when you like lol. £10 deposit secures it but i put half the price of bike.

I am nowhere near Dundee but if i was i would definately go on your recomendation.

We are Leeds. West Yorkshire.

Now cup of tea xxxxxx and proud mum for managing


Thanx everyone its great to hear from all of you. I got my daughter a mountain bike on ebay cost £55 and its like new i was lucky and as my daughter still believes in the birthday man tooth fairy ect we still have that little bit of magic which helps make it more special long may it last


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