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Am i a robot ?

Hi everyone, when i finally managed to drag myself out of bed this morning i walked like a robot what a site lol when i saw myself in the mirror i had to laugh and as for getting in the shower today my legs won't bend so no chance as i have to climb over the edge of the bath ! i think i need to go back to having meds on the bedside locker to take before i get up , oh well its all part of " the condition " J

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I admire your having such a sence of humour when having to deal with such pain and difficulties. It's not easy living with this horrible condition.



Yes, Like you and many others on this site, I too do the robot walk to the bathroom each morning. I always keep water and pills on my bedside table but often knock them over when my arms twitch in the night! Take care.

Jane x


Oh dear this sounds oh so familiar. I look like I have just got off a horse when I get up, with or without painkillers. Luckily I don't have to pass a mirror!!!

Piggle hugs xxxxxx


hahaha i get this too! I have just been diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility and Fibromyalgia - the spasms from fibro combined with the overly excitable joints make it look like im dancing, but its when my arms start as well that its gets really entertaining ;) its so good to see people having a laugh about fibro too! Hope you all have a lovely Xmas xxx


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