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I think I may have fibro,I've researched it myself,no answers of my doctor please help x

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Ive had my problems for over 20 years.but as I'm getting older it's got to the stage were I'm in chronic back pain,restless leg,constant pains,from the left side now I've pains running from my neck down my arm and pains in my hand,I suffer migraines,insomnia,I can't walk far as the pains are bad,I've got depression anxiety and paniac attacks,I also have a lot of tender areas,I can't let any one touch me as it hurts,Im on lots of tablets morphin patches is one of them,but no one telling me what I've got I've told doctor what I think but she said I've to go pain clinic and they would tell me,I've filled a DLA form in but not heard anything yet,ESA also got me down for work in future,I can't work I'm in pain 24/7 people r now saying its all in my head,I should know,I do get upset at night when it's worse I cry sometimes please help I just want answers I think I've got fibomalagy x x

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Hi I know how you feel as it took me about 20 years to find out too after a back injury, many docs still say its all in the head but things are changing especially at specialist level. There is standard pressure point test for fybro which includes painfull points on the spine, arms and legs a good neurologist will be able to give a clear diagnoses or check on Arthritis UK and it shows the points to check, I think its 14 or so of the pressure points and its fybro but it says clearly on the website.

Although a clear diagnoses doesn't alter the pain it can be a releif to know, I do hope the pain clinic can help you too as its soul destroying I know, that and the insomnia for me just wipes me out, all the best


Hi 5exy1

You poor thing. Check out the link below which will give you lots of useful information. Have you been referred to a rheumatologist ? Print out some of the info and take it back to your doctor and if they don't listen ask for a second opinion or a referral.

Piggle hugs xxxx


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Morning 5exy,

You sound like you are having a really tough time - poor you- do get an appointment complain a lot and keep making appointmens till you get refered. We are always here and it helps to read through and see how others are.

Do get help though it sounds like Fibro but confirmation is a step to learning to live wiith it

gentle hugs () xgins

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Thankyou all,I'll print it out and go back to the doctor,I just want to tell everyone it's not in my head

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It's not in your head, we all know that (I know I was told several times) get back to your GP and get referred to a rheumatologist and they will diagnose you.

When I was diagnosed 10 years+ ago It was very much an 'unknown' illness and a lot of Drs didn't think it was a real illness but it is getting better and more people/Drs are recognising it.

they do like to rule other illness/syndromes out too though so you might be tested for other illnesses too.

good luck and be persistent!

maybe if you don't get any help from your GP see another one in the practice next time

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Thankyou Irene for you help,I'm back off to the doctors and going to get it sorted x

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I'm still suffering and still waiting to go pain clinic,back to the doctors tomoz a different one,just got letter and failed DLA my luck sure isn't in,I'm going To depend to see a rheumatologist need to get to the bottom of this,thankyou all for your comments x x hugs back x x

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