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Feeling Good

The last couple of weeks i've been feeling really good, but while it's wonderful to have less pain and feel like going out and wanting to do everything, I have to keep reminding myself that I have got to pace myself as this can't possible last :-( Are you like this when you feel good you dread the time when the fybro comes back with a vengance, as it inevitably will. I have to keep reminding myself, live for the day :-)

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Jess i know how you feel but when you feel good the mistake we make is going out and doing to much then we suffer for it the best thing to do is only do a little i cant come to terms with the fibro yet i dont ever feel good


Yeah know exactly how you feel , I am convinced gentle exercise or just being constantly mobile helps fibro... It's when the other damn things creep in like arthritis that slow you down fibro seems to get worse. Go for it... Gently while you can you may find it helps keep fibro at bay... I had a few years when it seemed to be hardly a eventually caught up with me when I got arthritis too.


I'm glad to hear you have been feeling so much better the last couple of weeks, have you been doing anything to help improve your symptoms? I hope this lasts for a long long time and living for the day is wise - enjoy... Thank you for this.


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