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So don't think am even going to drive today not good as daughter wont earn and customers wont get service :-(

This arm and back of my leg waking me up struggling to move arm and turn or put head down, been awake ages, thought might get back to sleep but noope,

Cup of tea and Tv gone off !?!? Hoh

I feel bit dizzy even sat down and rough in face like flu but nothing to blow lol

Let poochies ( big dogs haha) out ohh they like a couple of kids

Me 1st no me 1st but mum (me) errm no what do you do??!? So they sit and then i say one dogs name and off she runs but then turns runs back to wait for her sister its funny to watch and i miss walking them.

Think they trying to escape ! The size of the hole near edge to next doors garden iblaughed so much .. How clever , ohps allll filled back in tho. They get walks so no idea why , even tho my next door neighbour has 3 dogs , labradoodle called Molly, red setter called scooby (bad influence on my girl haha) and a schitzu poppy.

Mine are long haired white german shepherds so we have a mix between us.

We used to go walks together, scooby &haylo used to run off together but always come back, since i bern like this over 2yrs i not walked as my dog is very heavy and she has me on floor like a comedy strip on lead, she great without lead and sticks with me but its the main road a bus route outside my house only one number bus uses not lots of different buses, only its a short cut too from different areas so its very busy and my dog would just not know.

The cat has gone walk abouts hope she is ok!!

Last 2 cats i brought up got 3 legs and both was same leg and within a month of each other and at christmas!! Thats 11 yr ago now tho lol all my neighbours think am so funny xxxxx

Well..... Proper went off subject there now sorry friends xx

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Hi Hun what beautiful dogs it sounds a little like my menagerie, a Labrador. a Labradoodle. a heinz57 a very old neurotic cat and my partner. They all look after me in different ways!

My partner says the labradoodle is a pony, head held high she trots up and down the drive a lovely dog ( she was a ghastly puppy stole things ate things a destroyer- that is over now and she is a charming lady).

Sounds as if you need to rest a lot today and keep warm it sure feels like autumn up here and so dark lol x gins


Hi gins a menargerie!! Thats a new word to me lol

And awww so lovely we should post our pets today introduce them hehe

When they young they can be v naughty!

My haylo when i had hpuse done she gnawed at the cirner of my newly plastered walls through to steel and pulled out, she chewed my back tgen dining chairs, ate washing (my knickers) haha but allllll gone now she moved on and is very well behaved apart odd thing lol.

I cook foid and guarentee if nip off out of site its vanished but now i have 2 of them 'who did it' haha ohhh lovely though xx

Thanks gins hows you coping today


Where would we be without our beloved pets, my puss makes me laugh so much with her antics xx


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