back from London

knowing my limits, we did as planned and did our sightseeing from the river cruises and the odd bus. I borrowed the hotel wheelchair, which I pushed or was pushed in. However, despite upping my painkillers to the max, I was constantly in pain. This saddened me but I kept the face on. I was so lucky to be there and my friend was so supportive. Our hotel room view was of the Tower Bridge and 5 mins from the Tower of London. As I've always wanted to visit the Tower and love everything about the bridge, I kept getting the thrill of seeing them that never waned. There was a light show each night and fireworks and laser display on sunday for the river festival to mark the end of the 2012 Olympics We also got to see the bridge rise several times. I was genuinely excited by it all and cried many times with happiness, I couldn't believe I was there and seeing it all. People everywhere were so helpful [very disable aware, probably due to paralympics] It was lovely to be emotional for happy reasons.

regards, sandra.

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  • So pleased you had a good time. I agree about the London sightseeing being good by river and bus ... love the open topped bus if the weather is good - well dry at any rate. I bet the fireworks were amazing :-)

    Julie xx

  • they look even better thru happy tears! it was spectacular, we sat in a wthrspns [not an add!] just over the road eating a delicious meal, warm and with a brilliant view - bliss! I have never been so happy for so long. the pain and fatigue were worse than ever, but the happiness overruled it. I can't do stairs but you can still see a lot downstairs. Becos of the olympians parade, we rode up and back to the Thames barrier on the empty lower deck of the cruiser.

    regards, sandra.

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