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Right another fight on my hands? Its never ending! I was given lower rate care in Feb this year, I then appealed, this morning got paper work back (all to do with my appeal week last friday for my ESA) which they put me in the Support Group. Now my DLA appeal has come back with paper work from my appeal, them saying that that decision dosnt have any thing to do with my DLA but on that they have taken my DLA away from me, even though I had it until 2013. They have said the criteria fro ESA is different to DLA so the fact I cant work, work and do things for myself isnt enough!! Any advise please?? Ann :(

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You need to speak to them and see why they have decided that their original DLA decision was wrong - and what they believe has changed; then you need to explain to them what hasn't changed.

The problem is that the ESA stuff and the DLA stuff feed back into each other and misunderstandings of things you said lead to all sorts of spurious decisions being incorrectly made.

Good luck

Julie xx


Thankyou x


And does it mean that decause I was waiting for an appeal date i wont get that now? That is on my DLA.


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