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Update on Jordan

Jordan is now awake! He is very confused but getting better each day. He has a very long road to travel to full recovery. He has been up out of bed albeit very shakily. He is recognising people in photos, but thankfully remembers nothing of the brutal attack he endured.

His parents are so relieved as you can imagine.

Thankyou all for taking the time to read and comment, I read each reply to his mum and she was deeply touched.


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That is such brilliant news :) worth shouting about :) x gins


I echo what gins said! I've kept him in my prayers and sent positive thoughts.

I am delighted, thanks for letting us know. It probably will be a long recovery, but every day is a step nearer. You've made my day, I wasn't in a good place, but this has given me a boost. Thanks Deb.

regards, sandra.


Fantastic news x


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