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Back home :-(

Back in the uk after a wonderful week away. I can see why people want to live in France. We stayed near the river Somme. The roads were empty and the people friendly.

I am home and suffering already. Went to the docs yesterday and my lovely understanding doctor has told me to up my Gabapentin to see if it helps and she is also chasing up my referral to Liverpool ME/CFS clinic.

Hugs xxxxxx

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Welcome home glad you had a good time I love france at this time of the year. Hope the sun is shinning for you :) x gins


welcome home never been to france sounds lovely


Welcome back! I love France too but haven't been brave enough to travel since I became ill. I believe there is a nice French restaurant near where you live. Perhaps you should get your OH to take you there as a special treat! Please let us know how you get on at the clinic. I am off to the pain clinic in Mac later this week and they are sorting out my meds for me. I did try Gabapentin but it didn't help. Now on Lyrica instead but early days yet.


Glad you had a lovely time and your added symptoms subside soon x


oops that should be hope your added symptoms subside soon lol x


Great to have you back, Karen! Make sure you take it easy and get some rest, you managed really well when you were away! :)

Take it easy for a few days. I hope you get your referral through very soon! :)

(((x))) < here's a hug!


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