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just read the HU guidelines

I dont know if other are aware that HU can access your PMs, I thought that PM stood for private Messages, it would seem not

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Do you know I did not know that either, it's private if we Pm

Some one I would of thought no one else's business


i agree you are right love to you xxxx


I just read that on their guidelines. That's not good. I feel that violates me. Private message indicates to me that a message is private and should only be read by the 2 individuals it was meant to be.


hi i would be careful what you say on this subject i was told not to mention this sort of message any more as members had forgotton about it as it was a few days ago now so just to warn you i dont want you to get in trouble

but a private message should be between the 2 people it was meant for i agree no one has the right to read your pm . i have sent 2 today to members and i would not e happy if the people who got them were not the only ones love to you all diddle xx


This is all very strange, I feel like I am into some thing

That I can't understand I never wanted complications

I just wanted friends who could understand fibro, which

Is enough stress to cope with

What's happened to

Freedom of speech, and respecting each others right

To being private


hi me too i joined to talk to people who understood me which i did find on here unfortunatly alot of the original mebers have gone or ben deleted but i still speak to them on 2 other sites but i like this site it used to be so funny and all the fun has gone from it now as peole re all too frighttened to put what they really want to say which is what the site is all about lets hope it gets back to that soon love to you all diddle xxxxx


To be honest Diddle , I fail to see how either HU or Admin can complain about the rules being pointed out as it is something we are told to read regularly.

At the end of the day this is a website, not my entire life and if they choose to remove or restrict me then that's their choice. It's not the end of my world though .

I hopefully post informative and thorough replies to people and I think I offer support when needed. If that isn't good enough for this website then so be it.

Hugs to you.



hi i totally agree it seems we are no longer allowed to say anything i too am getting fed with it all thats why i am on 2 other forums and there is freedom of speech on those and aot of the old members too and i dont want to leave here either as there are such alot of people who i like to talk to and like you offer suport and also get support but if i continue to get hassle and picked on then i will leave and meet up with eevyone on another site but i dont want it to come to that i joined this at mt lowest ebb and found a connection with peolpe of the same mind as me which was so lovely and i hope it gets back to that again its a ashame so many old members have bben deleted or left of their own accord i do hope you and i are not the next ones soon there will be no one left bless love to you and lets hope all will be well diddle xx


I agree Diddle. When I first joined here back in Feb I was welcomed so warmly by the members and the volunteers at the time. Most of those are now no longer here and I think that's sad.

I'd really like to see this site get back to the warm, welcoming and supportive site it was ... but it won't if people keep leaving or are removed .

Freedom of speech is important to me on here as it is in real life. If I'm not allowed it on here then I'm more than happy to leave.

This site would be a much poorer place without your threads and the support you give to others Diddle . I hope there doesn't come a time where it loses you.




aw that is so very kind of you to say that it really is i have had so many members e mail me privately and pm me begging me not to go it is unreal i would feel really bad if i did actually leave at the moment i am staying here but will see how it goes once again thankyou for the kind words i appreciate it i cant believe that little old diddle can cause such a stir if she talks about leaving but it is nice to be though of with such love and kindness love to you diddle xx


diddle you have mentioned a few times about your two other sight, where do we find these, as I would like to take full advantage off all support offer on here and other places, can never have too much I say xx


hi if you put in google daily challenge that is one site and the other is help us forum which is run by lally or pauine who used to be on here so go give those a try too good luck love to you diddle xxxx


Well agree with that maybe its time to find some where else

But I hope not


yes it would be a shame i never will forget how happy i felt when i found this site and met up with some really lovely peope who were all the same as me so i do hope it continues as those people helped me alot with my questions/symptons and just when i wanted to moan and i think i helped them too at times which i would like to continue to do love diddle xx


The HU site guidelines haven't changed.

As a general rule, messages would not be accessed. But they could be accessed by HU if they felt they really needed to.


But why would they need to do that under what circumstances

It's like opening some ones letters would they do that of course

Not, and mail is the same. In fact to open letters would not be


I would not expect yahoo, or hotmail to look at my mail so

What purpose would it serve that HU look at private mail

Not that it worries me as I don't use it much and I will not

Use it at all now I know that some one could read my letters?

Oh well never mind not your fault Lindsey its there rules

But may be they need to Look at some of the rules other

Wise I don't think this site is going to last, which would be

Such a shame


Well one example would be if someone were using the Messaging system for illegal purposes and HU either needed to verify this or supply data for a court order.

Even if we're not talking about examples that actually break the law, all members using the HU system are required to follow the general HU site guidelines at all times when posting content that is either public (ie. on a community) or private (on messages). If a member reported that another member was mis-using the Messaging system, HU might want to verify this or save copies of the messages in case they are needed.

For the vast majority of members, there will never be a reason why HU would be interested in your messages!

And as long as you're aware of this (and you all should be as you are all expected tor ead both the community Guidelines and the general HU Guidelines before posting) then it should not have an impact.

I will raise it with Hu that some of our members have expressed concern with this policy.


FWIW, the acronym PM is one people use because they have used it elsewhere. On this platform, it is 'Messages'.


Hi again Lindsey I don't want to be involved in this

It is not the reason I joined the site I don't care about

Th PM really one way or another as I don't use it

A few people on here have contacted me via it but

That is all, but it does seem to be upsetting people

So that is important we can all leave if we wish

I did not really understand your last message, sorry,

A bit thick on some of the computer things it's an age

Thing I think.

I can only say to you and every one that runs this site

That when I joined it was great the people lovely and

They helped me no end, but in the last few weeks it's

Not been good I don't know why, and I don't want to

Get involved in any of it so I will not write on the subject

Again, it is just stressful and I don't know why

Sorry Lindsey not all the people on this site can be wrong

Can they, every one I have spoken to have been lovely

Love Viv

PS not your fault it's the rules so don't take it to heart


Sorry can you explain to me why some people have report next to there names

And some have delete what does it mean, I thought that report meant some one had done some thing wrong like those trolls the other week have I got it wrong


you only see the word delete by your own name because you are the only person (besides the moderators) who can delete your own entry. For instance when I look at your comment above all I see is the report but you can see delete because you wrote it.

the report is there for you to click on if there was something in the comments you found upsetting and you wanted to report it to the moderators of this site. So you had not got it wrong. Don't press the report against this will you he he.


What Ellen is saying is correct. You can delete your own comment or report on another message and draw it to our attention if you suspected it was a spam message or a bogus account etc. :)


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