FibroAction.HU Guidelines updated

Hi everyone

We've been thinking for a while that our FibroAction.HU community guidelines were too long, so today I have edited them to remove all the guidelines that simply doubled up on the general HU site guidelines.

All members agree to read and abide by both the community guidelines and the general HU site guidelines at all time. The FibroAction.HU community guidelines apply in this community and each community on the HU platform will have their own community guidelines. The general HU site guidelines apply across all communities on the HU platform.

Both sets of Guidelines can be accessed via links in the 'Guidelines' box on the right hand side of your screen when viewing the Blogs or Questions sections.

The FibroAction.HU community Guidelines are here:


The general HU site Guidelines are here:


Please take this opportunity to refresh your knowledge of both sets of Guidelines.

Many thanks!


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  • Thanks, Linz - it's good to have things updated and clarified!

    Best Regards ... Moffy

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