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feel good

do not no why but i feel good today not that much pain even went to the shop. to get my meds and then to docs thats more than i have bothered to do in ages, but realised i am leaning on my hubby to much bless him. he puts up with a lot so thought maybe we should all give our partners a hug and a thankyou iam. but only a hug lol

I hope you all have a good day soon they are so precious gentle hugs xxxx

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It's great when you feel good! Last Night I dreamed about being able-bodied again and camping in the snow!

This morning I found out that where i live in the south, the temperature went down really low. No wonder I dreamed of snow! Brrrr!

Today I need to go get my weekly shop, and pay bills. I do it once a week to save money on taxis. can't cope with buses any more. Ok, It'll knock me flat for the weekend, but money is too tight to do otherwise!

Cheers, Midori


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