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Jinxed myself today! GGRR!!

Well after having the good news that all my blood tests and x-rays were ok I was discussing with my Mum that at the end of the letter the doctor advised me to visit my GP for an orthopedic referral if my hip pain continued. I was telling my Mum that i hadnt had hip pain for about 2 weeks. As soon i said it i said to her 'you watch ill get hip pain later' and shock horror i have the most awful pain in one of my hips tonight :-( cant believe it as the hip pain is the one thing i cant handle. any of the other pains i can deal with (with a lot of moaning!) but with the hip pain i can barely walk.

im really hoping that when i wake up in the morning it will have gone as i have another busy week with my brother visiting from Scotland.

If its not one thing its another eh!

Hugs to you all


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I know what you mean with hip pain .... I always feel mine would be better if I could put a tubigrip on it - I'd look like a mummy lol

I tore the ligaments over my left hip 15 years ago and despite spending loads on physio and accupuncure it never did properly recover ... now at the slightest sign of weakness I am bedridden because of my wonky painful hip. Fibro of course quickly recognised the weak spot as did CFS and any virus going around :-( Still it could be worse - it could be both of them!

A nice hot jacuzzi and sauna help me loads .... or the budget version - a very warm bath and a hot water bottle.

Julie xx


Thanks Julie and poor you having all that then fibro on top! My hip pain does usually end up in both, I have a bad day with one, the next day the other goes bad and the day after they both go bad on me. The only way I can describe it is red hot pokers going straight through them and they feel as if they have elastic bands in them that don't stretch as far as they need to (if that makes sense!)

At least I have my fibro buddies on here that understand me!



Morning my sympathy to you I stupidly crashed a car into a sewage wagon ( God that sounds like a bad joke) it would be thirty four years ago and put my femur back into my hip socket and cracked it. Spent three monthe in traction now it is giving me greif I have oseoporosis in the femur head and pain that when it aattacks makes moving awful. I put my leg up with hot and cold on it take the pills and wait it out. non of the Docs are interested in it still I am refered to a Orthopedic Guy waiting for appointment! Any way I digress hope yours is easier today be gentle with it no jumping about :) gentle hugs x gins


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