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scared follow up

well I saw my GP today.She was quite worried as BP has gone really high again.She upped my meds again and I have to go back in a week.I told her that I have been in a lot of pain this week and could this have been part of the problem? She said maybe and has upped my cocodamol to 30/500.She said that she has a few more things she can try if these don't work but if nothing works I will have to go in to hospital.

This afternoon I went for my first counselling appointment.The lady was really nice and I think It will be beneficial and help me to put things into perspective,adjust to being 'disabled' and find a direction..

I feel a little better about things although a bit worried about my blood pressure as I really don't want to end up in hospital again.I totally forgot to discuss the rest of the things on my list,including a new sick note ! I have to go back next Wednesday so it's OK.Oh,and I was going to write the counselling appointments in my diary but she said she'd write it on an appointment sheet for me.She wrote them all down ,gave me the list and I promptly lost them Doh!

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ive had counselling and it was good for me and im going back in not proud to admit for more help.

im glad.try not to worry has it will make your blood pressure much worse.i hope it goes down soon.and you feel better soon.x


Amanda, from my own personal experiences, beware using co-codamol for more than three months. I was on two 500/30's three times a day, 400mg of slow release Tramadol at night and Oramorph to top it off, for two years. All that did was make me very depressed, so much so I nearly committed suicide... I took it upon myself to stop all of the opiate based pain meds, cold turkey (not recommended by my GP) and it was like a cloud lifted. Mentally I was so much better, happier but physically I didn't really notice a difference in pain. As it transpires, long term use of these meds can CAUSE pain.... I do have more pain now, which I try and manage mentally, but I still use the meds during flare ups, which means they have more of an effect. The trouble with GP's is they treat the symptoms of Fibro which is pain and insomnia, but none of this will help as that is not what Fibro is all about. Pregabalin and Amyltriptaline work better (but not always) because they have an affect on the neurotransmitters in the brain, such as seretonin and substance P. The inbalance of the levels of these neurotransmitters are the reason your normal nerve messages get interpreted as pain when they reach your brain. Pain meds are not designed for this use, which is why you will find you only get minimal releif, most of the time because you are so docile on them, you probably forget you are in pain at all.

There is absolutely no shame in having councelling especially considering everything we have to go through and if only more people would get councelling, I think the world would be a nicer place!


There are some very effective blood-prssure tablets that can be prescribed for you - and you are right the pain will not have helped.

Perhaps you could try a relaxation CD or app, one where you are guided into a deep state of relaxation is going to do you loads of good with the BP; Darren Marks is a favourite of mine but there are loads available.

I do wish Patrick Stewart would do a relaxation CD as he has the most beautiful voice ever - a girl can dream lol.

Julie xx


Thanks everyone x


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