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Sleep.....What Is That?

Past tired.....finding it SO hard to function n it's still school holidays.....what to do?

My whole body is screaming in pain n the tiredness is too much ??...thankfully my son's girlfriend is gonna take my daughter swimming tomorrow ...hopefully! Finding it hard to cope.....especially without a car....then next week school starts back....maybef it's stress why I can't sleep.....

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hi i know this sounds silly but i find being out of rutine makes my FMS worse ..

you did not mention how old your daughter is however it would be good to put into place some rutine so she can take some control . eg packing her lunch box school bag is packed the night .. also the fact she can get her uniform ready..

do you have any friends or nighbours in the area to pick up or drop off to school ..

in the worse case i can remember getting my boys to school and going back to bed xx

gentle dysllexic hugs


Hi Lexie, my daughter is 10 years old. She gets herself ready for school n makes her own brekkie......the school she attends is where we used to live n is a distance with 2 bus changes. The bus is always busy n crowded so my fear is there will be no seats, there's no one local to take her in the mornings so I've just gotta get over it n not stress too much. Will also ask her older brother to help out but he's got his own life n responsibilities at 18.

Big hugs honey x


Hi is there anyway you could put your feet up, even if it is just 1/2 hr or so here and there? Get yourself a nice cuppa and try to relax. Shut your eyes and try to rest. Easier said than done o know but it may help.

Hugs to you xxxx


Hi PinkPig99.....that sounds like such a lovely idea.... ?? x


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