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Home Sweet Home!

Well I am home from my travels to South Wales, had such a nice time. tiring but relaxing. Seems as soon as i have sat on my sofa at home though everything has started hurting! the fact i had to carry a heavy case up 2 flights of stairs didnt help (couldnt find the lift!) but im guessing that the next few days being at home and not doing as much is when everything is going to catch up with me! I am going to try and keep as active as i can but my god do i need a good rest!

my daughter's dad picked us up from the train station and she has gone home with him so at least i can get a good lie in in the morning, hopefully ive had enough sea air today to make me have another good sleep but this is the latest ive been awake all week - been going to bed with my daughter as we were sharing a sofa bed so we have been in bed and asleep by 9 and up by 8 each morning which i think has helped as i had been able to have 5 full nights sleep for the first time in i dont know how long!

hope everybody is well, i am going to have a catch up on questions and blog before bed as i have missed the site so much!


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morning im so glad that you managed some sleep for first time.its great when you do though hey.s wales is beautiful and i hope you enjoyed every single minute.did you paddle in the sea?

my fella comes from so im lucky as ive been to south on holiday and now i get a free holiday anytime i want in north .his mom and dad have land there and its heaven when you go down.beautiful landscapes as well.

ive also learnt a little welsh too.

rest now and listen to your body?wot stairs were they>?train station. ive also asked a member of staff and said i have this illness would be kind enough to help me and they have done.x


hi :-)

the sea was too cold for me so i stayed on the beach but my daughter was loving the sea!

i live in north wales myself, your right it is beautiful up here. im not all that good on the welsh language but i do have a very welsh accent ive been told!

yeah they were in the train station, no staff members around but many people up and down watched me struggle and just kept walking! i am quite stubborn at times so wouldnt ask for help!



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