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meds on a long term usage???

Does anyone else on here have syringomyelia with acm along with the fibro???

I am on a total of 34 Tabs with mst included at a dose of 240mg a day which allow me to have a sort of managable day but without I'm bedridden totally unable to do anything, my question is am I gonna be on these meds the rest of my life? with the dosage just going up and up so that I'm going to end up a registered druggie??????

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Hi Lainey85. Gosh I bet that is painful and with Fibro too. I am not expert but I would guess with that you may have to stay on the tablets for a long time. Have you discussed it with your doctor? Try and think if the tablets are giving you some quality if life then I wouldn't worry about being on them long term. I think we are all In for the long haul as far as drugs go. They are certainly my friend.

Take care

Hugs to you xxxx


Hi Lainey85,

Not that I want to boast, but I am currently on 41 tabs a day, made up of pills to treat Fibro pain, IBS and depression. However, I am still in pain, I still have to be very careful with food, and I am still depressed. I did once try an experiment to see if the meds were really working, or if I was mindfully in control. The first day was okay, the second day I was a pile, couldn't move because I started to sieze up and the pain was so bad, had a bad migraine attack and felt so totally sick; that was enough for me to know that I didn't want to go through that again.

I have often felt like you, thinking "too many pills", but to be honest unless there is some new miracle treatment, I work on the theory that without them, I am definitely worse off. So when people say with horror, " how many"?, I can rest assured that each of those little babies means a hell of a lot to me. So don't worry about the quantity, think about the quality of life they give you.

Be as well as you can.

Sharolina x


Thanks sharolina,

I too tried to go without my meds and within 12-18hrs I was in agony and nxt day like yourself I was unable to move!!

up untill Feb this yr my total count was 46 a day like urself I have IBS, Depression,

Syringomyelia a hernia and fibro.

In the last 19yrs Ihave gone through 18 surgeries to be by my last consultant not to have any more ops only in matter of life or death was I to..

Like you I am a functioning junkie I do not appear stoned or high, just at times you do wish that you could successfuly come off enough of the extra strong meds to be able to drive yourself away to the beach for the day(it really gets my goatthat some so called sick people on DLA try to tell you that they are on the same meds but are able to drive whereas if I were to get behind the wheel I would be arrested for drug driving!!!!!!!!!! sorry for the rant :) x


Guys I dont think you can stop those kinds of tabs just suddenly - if you want to get off of some go to your doctor or pharmacist for advice - they would only be too willing to help rationalise your meds I'm sure - if not pm me I'll try and help you out - I dont think I can do everyone on this forum and might not be able to work miracles for you guys but id certainly be willing to have a look and talk to you about it. x


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