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Ok so today mty daughter was picking up my 2 x nieces and they were coming round but no change of plan my sister really needed me as she was so busy at her beuaty room so i went up to help er at 9.30 and got home at 4.30 lol

so my daughter picked up my nieces and took them to a funfair with mt other daughter and grandsons so they had a nice day in the sun and the kids were all worn out and so am i lol

i hope you all had a good day love to you diddle x

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im so glad diddle that things still worked out.but not that your tired now.

my day however was full of upset has ive found out my own family have betrayed me in worst way now.

thank god for jase and cat x


That's harsh I'm lucky my family are good 2 of my girlz live close my eldest lives in Cumbria so she's not easy to call on but my other 2 are good they help wen they can.

My dad lives in Norwich with my step mother and half sister, my little brother also lives in Norwich.

My older brother his wife and his son from his first wife, he is 21 and they have a daughter together and a baby on the way due in about 6 or 7 weeks.

We lost my mum to lung cancer 2 years ago. Hope your family realises what they have given up. Big gentle hugs take care .


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