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changing gps causes problems

Hi everyone.

I changed my gp went to see new gp who was a registar, as i was advised to start pregabalin. She would not give as she had not got my new notes yet ok. had given them a month should of had them. Then she went on to say who said you had fibro, maybe its arthritis. blah here we go again i thought another doc who looks at you like you are making it up wanted to say i do not walk around with walking sticks for n othing. Suppose you do not work she said. Actually i said i do, was going to say but my god its a struggle, she said oh good at least you have not given in to this. i was so angry becuse she assumed that eeryone can work with fibro, i am in the process of redundancy, should i take it or not now she has made me feel like we are all doing it for benefits, I would not be able to get benefits as my husband works, but i know we would stuggle so it would seem i did not make a good decision to change drs as they do not understand fibro why oh why do we keep on coming up against a brick wall. so fedup of it all


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I am sorry to here you had a bed time at the gps ... you would think a newly qualifid doctor ahoud be more not less awaire

Lots of us work and redundancey is a big disision that you have to make with your life as the expert ... you need to weigh up the factors.

However maybe she is young and ment that keeping an active life and working is a good thing ( sorry i am being kind ...dont hate me for being nice trying to be possitive today while feeling a little off myself ...)

Also some new checks will be of benifit and confurm there is no new underlying or new issue

In the mean time you will have lots of wonderful support on here ..maybe you should go in armed with information ..

Gentle dyslexic hugs


thankyou lexie. i do work in a gp and know a lot of drs, she was not a nice person really she should understand people are ill and not putting it on. I think she has got a lot of info o the way as i am armed with info and going to be kind to her as i never am any different, but she needs to know fibro is not a joke it is horrendous take care


Before your next visit you could write her a nice but firm letter describing your symptoms in greater detail and why you think Fibro is probably the right diagnosis - then if she is a bit rusty on fibro she can go and revise before she sees you again.

I keep on thinking I need to change doctors - but there is no system for us to interview doctors before we move is there. My doctors are just counting down the weeks to their retirement I think! Efficiency is hardly a motivating force!

Julie xx


Hi Webby, I had been thinking of doing this and even went to see a Dr today. She was very nice and gave me some very helpful advice. Unfortunatly she cannot take me on as I am in a different shire just over the boarder. I have got my house up for sale though and if all goes well I will move boarders to be near my children. I hope you have a better experience next time you visit your Drs.

sending soft hugs Edna xx.


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