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Diabetic Nurse

Well after a 6 month wait I finally got to see the diabetic nurse.

She told me a few things I didn't know such as exactly when to take my meds in relation to food - no one had ever gone through this.

There is also a new diabetes medi that has to be injected but not only controls blood sugar but also loses weight ... that will be the next thing if things aren't more under control when I see her in 6 weeks.

She has set me up with a meter for a daily check as well - which is what I wanted.

She was asking me about being more active - she obviously knew precious little about CFS/ME as I could see the disbelief when I was saying exercise makes me really ill and can put me in bed for days on end. Amazes me how some "specialists" can be so blissfully ignorant of everything outside their specialism.

Julie xx

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Our practice nurse is the diabetes specialist at our surgery and she sees all diabetic patients every 6 months. I'm so lucky as she is fab, understands the patient as an individual not a condition. If there is anything I'm not sure on she will explain it to me in the simplest form possible, luckily she understands how fms can cause me problems in absorbing information, especially on a real bad "foggy day".. You are right in that some specialist nurses aren't as aware of cfs/me/fms symptoms as we would like but I have found that they are usually more open to learning about them, and you, than some doctors. So hopefully as you get to know her and explain your problems more on each visit she will be a good ally. Good luck hope it all goes well for you. Soft hugs, Speedy x


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