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Stepping out (and falling over)

Stepping out (and falling over)

Well, it was an interesting weekend. As soon as work finished, and I'd dashed home, my boyfriend picked me up, and we did the 6-hour journey to his Mum's in Milford Haven, as his cousin was getting married on Saturday. Arrived at 1am, and had to be up the next morning at 8am (cue me falling asleep in the back of the car on the way to the hotel!) The ceremony and reception were lovely, even though we were all nearly eating the table by the time they served lunch (3pm!), which then led us on to the evening do.

Now, I'm usually something of a dancer. By this, I mean that I enjoy it, not that I'm any good; I have one movement, and it gets faster and slower! But, when my boyfriend's Mum dragged me up on the dancefloor, I could not get my body to synchronise. At all! At first, I blamed my shoes (even though they were flat and supportive), but when I took them off and had the same trouble, I admitted defeat, and went off to find my dance-shy OH, and used him as a suitable excuse to the rest of the party as to why I didn't carry on dancing.

Has anyone else had this problem? It was literally like my legs wouldn't work together, and the top half of my body wouldn't co-operate with the bottom half. I nearly fell over at least twice, and was stumbling around like I was drunk (even though I was the designated driver, and so was sober!).

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I had that this morning - walked half way down stairs then went wobbly - had to go down on my bum (not very elegant - they don't do that in the movies).

My hands sometimes refuse to write too - very weird, felt just like I did when I was four and given a chalk and slate (yes I am that old)

Julie xx


im so sorry to hear that and no i havent had you looked nice though.and im glad you had a good time even through all that.


oh yes I have too. it's such a weird feeling!

regards, sandra.


Yes, I understand, I used to be a dancer, it's infuriating when your body wants to move, but it won't let you.

Cheers, Midori


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