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what a weekend

well what a weekend iv just had and now in bed with a flare went to a wedding on saturday morning feeling as great as i cud feel wiv mr fibro and the day went well so i had a chilled day until it got to 10 pm at nite for me to get a fone call from my younger sister who is only 30 years old informing me that she was goin to kill herself so me being the big sister that i am get up and went o find her to actually find her at the train station with the train coming towards her with her screaming im guna jump well i managed to distract her talk bout thinking on ur feet not gud wiv a head like mine so i took her to her mums which is were she stayed for the nite to get a fone call sunday morning to say that her boyfriend who she was to av married in july was coming to finish her off well by this point i cudnt take any more of it and now im ill wiv mr fibro great and as for my sister she fell off the face of the earth not heard a thing since yesterday morning so god knows whats happened to her well today i avent been able to get out of bed sorry for the rant but needed to get it out hope ur all as well as can be gentle hugs trigger x

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OMG i am so sorry for you what an awful weekend i do feel for you what an awful phone call to have to hear and an awful thing to have toio see your own sister actually trying to do that to herself ii do hope you find your sister and get hr the help she needs as she obviously needs a real proffesssiomal to help her at this time and needs to be seen quicklyy bless her

i do feel for you but sometimes you can only do so much especially with mr fibro in tow

i hope your flare is a short one and try not to stress i know it easy to say and you must be out of your mind with worry about your sister but you need to get her the proper help i ould call the police and explain tothem what she has done and that she is now awoltake care love diddle x


o.m.g firstly wow you didnt expect that.secondly your sister needs some kind of help /or was this for attention if dont mind me asking?

either way she needs to go and see someone?she sounds deeply depressed.and isnt she out of it good time with a nasty fella like that?

you just dont need this kind of stress right now?has she thanked you at all?a,for ruining your nite?us fybros dont get out much?

and b.for now your ill?id tell her when i next see her im sorry?

can you not ring her up?

im so sorry youve been through a huge shock like this?try and rest today lots and dont panic.just listen to your body.



How awful for you.

Your sister needs to get help, I hope she has shown up by now.

Her fella sounds like a nasty piece of work - no wonder her head is scrambled.

Try to relax and rest as much as you can (I appreciate that is difficult as you are probably still getting surges of adreneline slushing around your body), hope everything turns out okay

Julie xx


Sorry for all your sress & pain I agree she needs help its a good thing she's not with that psyco any more hope she's contacted you by now if not call police & tell them everything they need to know especially as she was going to do it with a train, poor driver ends up off work for six months I have a friend who's a train driver he's had it happen to him 6 times not nice for the jumpers family not nice for the driver pain for all, sorry your sister feels this is the only way out , I nearly gave up my middle daughter thanks to an abusive partner I finaly got rid of him I was 4 months gone he said if he saw me or that bastard brat in town he would kill the pair of us nice man not goof luck to you I hope everything works out for you both gentle hugs. Sithy


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