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Wash out again

Bank holiday well it is grey verging on the cold and really horrid! The television calls hope there is something good to watch.

Th visitors have been here for three days and the noise levels are pretty impressive we only had two under fives but each managed to shout the other down - reeling from shock - oh but they do make you laugh , so natural and innocent.

We went to the seaside yesterday it would have been good but no sun so it was grey windy and chilly forcing us to retreat home to the warmth. Took them out for supper what a noise of happy joyus peeps. Yes I am exhausted but in a good way hope you all are feel okay and not too much pain x gins

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Lovely gins that you enjoyed atleast the seaside and kiddies.

Yes the weather not great damp and wet and like you am still washed out from Saturday helping granmaa.

Just so suprising how little things drain us !

Hope you get some normality back for tomoro.

Wrk tomoro and still not booked my london train ticket and the prices keep going up!!

If honest i do not feel like going 3/4 of me as too weak at moment. Blahhh lol xxx

Love to you

Got to make a brughter sunday


TV wasn't too bad. Just watched Alan Carr Specxy Beast - he is so funny. The shots of the MEN bring back happy memories of front rows at concerts too!

I didn't wake up until gone 4pm but am feeling worn out already so tucked up in bed and on lap-top!

Julie xx


Aw it sounds like you are having a lovely time even though the weather has not beem kind andit is wearing youout it is still good fun isnt it oh well i hope you can rest when they all go abut you just have a nice time love diddle x


Hi yeah I too watched Alan Carr Specxy Beast.The night before I watched Peter Kay on channel 4 it was so funny it makes you forget your pain.Have a good day firbromates; the weather is something we cannot change but our POISITIVE outlook will help us through the bad times.gentle hugs to all who need them this morning and of course to those who dont.