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tuiNa treatment

for quite some time now i have been interested in a therapy called tuiNa (pronounced twee-nah), and as i was being taken to my tribunal the other week just before you get to the tribunal place there in front of me was a new clinic opened dedicated to this treatment,!!!i spoke to the lady in there and she said that they treat a lot of people with fibro,so i thought the tribunal would be fair and unbiased and i would end up where i should be in the support group then i could try this treatment,but that was not the outcome for me ,so ironically i found the place for tuiNa at last but can't afford treatment now as just found out my esa ( contributonry stops 1st sept and i won't be entiltled to income support one due to it being means tested) if however you want to learn more about this treatment for yourselves go to to read about it ...

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sorry to interfear

we are trying to build a whole section on complimentry medicens and treatments so we do not endores any one thing .. after all its rair to see on a web page or artical that this did not work .. as they would not get paid x

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A very interesting insight into an ancient Chinese treatment -

"Chinese Tui Na was called ‘An Mo’ or massage in ancient times. The term Tui Na was first seen during the Ming Dynasty. Chinese Tui Na is a therapeutic approach guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was first used to treat paediatric disease through massage manipulations. Tui Na is a very important component of Chinese Medicine alongside acupuncture and herbal prescription.

Tuina is used as a massage to relax the body, aid repair to damaged tissue, mobilise joints, increase movement of the body and expand the range of movement of all the joints."

For more info please click on link below which will explain that Tui Na is one of a "broad range of medicine practices sharing common theoretical concepts which have been developed in China and are based on a tradition of more than 2,000 years, including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (TUI NA), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy."

Thank you for posting Electricjaws. :)


ooops sorry if i did the wrong thing lexie!!!


You haven't done the wrong thing Electricjaws. We are just deciding how we are going to put all the treatments and therapies in one place so everyone can go to that section and hopefully read about all the different ways to try to help themselves with their Fibromyalgia in an alternative or natural way. :)


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