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hi all

hope myou all have a happy bank holiday and arnt in too much pain . i have to go to work but its double money so not complaining as weather looks like poo anyway!

ive started taking magnesium with zinc at night and a magnesium spray mainly onto my fingers at night and since usuing it for the last 2 mornings my fingers dont feel like they are broken and have a slight improvement in the use of them, maYbe a fluke but worth trying.

im sleeping deeper thanks to my mask for obstructive sleep apnea although not as many hours as i hoped for as it leaks air so need to get that right.

yes im still in pain with the fibro but trying to concerntrate on my osa first as if i can get my sleep sorted it will obv help my fibro and thats the most urgent part that needed sorting otherwise i couldve had a premature heart attack even a stroke but my heart seems to be on track not so many arithimias(sp)

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Hi Angie.

The weather here in bfast is also horrible its lashing down and theres quiet a strong wind so il prob be spending the bank holiday at home :-( lol. Have a good day at work but remember to pace yourself, you have a lot going on health wise and need to take it easy.

Thanx for the tips on the magnesium spray might give that one a try :-) take care and have a nice day x Dixie x


Hi, I've read about the Magnesium oil spray - think I will buy some now so thanks for that! I too have lots of pain in my fingers and Drs have suggested that it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrone. Well that was 6 years ago and I haven't gotten around to having the op yet! Will definately try the spray. Fibro hugs x


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