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I hope that you all have a really lovely Bank Holiday and enjoy what ever you are doing ?

is this the last bank holiday of the year does anyone know ??

it feels really Autumnal out there today i am jus t going towalk my doggy and the cars aveall got dew on them and there is a real chill in the air like you get in the winter mornings i cant believe the kids all go back to school in about 10 days where on earth has their summer holiday gone when i was young my summer holiday semed to last about 3 months it was never ending and it seemed as though it was wall to wall sunshineas i can remember my mum used to take my sister and me to the beach all day and meet up with lotsof others it was truely idyllic and i done the same with my girls

oh well i hope what ever you do the weather is kind to you even if youare staying at home and sitting in the garden

love to you all as i am now off diddle xxx

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Happy bank hol to you too. Rain is forecast so I had better take Bandit out soon.

Hugs to you xxxxx

Woofs to Rusty xx


Hi Diddle.

The bank holiday in bfast is a complete wash out its lashing down here looks like autumn has arrived with a vengence :-( lol.

Can certainly empathise with your childhood memories mine are similar - long lazy summer holidays with gloriously warm days. Is this the begining of the 'rose tinted ' glasses era perhaps?? Where men were real men, women were ladies and children were seen but not heard lol

if i start saying things like - when i was young! In my day! I remember when..... Then please slap me bcause I dont want to sound like me ma (mother) Lol



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