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Hi,,need some advices or ideas for looking another house/bongalow to stay????

I really need to move another bongalow / house to stay.But im not so sure if what is the best plan to move and might it will not granted because of our rent arrears before in short story its happen the benifits faults and we still have to blame but never mind nearly sorted....So I need ideas what sort of things or plan should i do.

what it is,we live in bongalow,wer my husband live in his own before we get married.2 bedroom only and its not a proper bongalow either for dissabled person,they just wide the door only and put the ramp to make accesable for wheelchair/dissable people.I dont really mind before,but we have 3 years old daughter now and what i observed,her room is open sight to anyone who will entered our home,and i dont like it,plus i dont know where to put some of her things,,u know , havin a limited areas / space we have,Because even tho for the hall way of our home,if my husband go in his wheelchair(atomatic chair),we have to wait him before we manage to pass.or even he reverse a wheelchair to go back ,he normaly have to straight move backward and it make me more scared,what if our daughetr is at the back and didnt see while his moving back ,u know...

So hopefully to all who delightfull to share there briallian ideas..its really ,really appriciated for me....thank you!!!!

(we live in housing association (rented).)

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Hello Caron,

firstly i would recommend to ask your doctor to refer you to occupational therapy to do a home visit, this will give them the chance to assess if your current accomadation could be improved, if this is not possible they can then write a report and pass it onto your housing assocation with recommendations for you to be reholmed. which assocaition are you under, they should also have a home swope scheme where other people want a bunglow like yours and they are in one that would suit you more. I hope this is of some use smiles and hugs Ingrid xx


aww,,thank you Ingrid,,xx


hi tess thats a great idea ..

i would also sujest

I would also try social services as they have a dysability team ..

your local counsel / housing society may be able to advice. as you have a young daughter to consider as well .

there are some charitys that help with housing advice such as Shelter not sure if they help in your case but everyone worth a try .. like many things its luck more than advertisment that gets you to here of help ..

i am sure you will have lots of other ideas tomorrow...

gentle dyslexic hugs


from experience - dont expect anything to happen until you have sorted out your arrears. Sorry :-(


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