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my heads a mess help!!

have been on dla from 2005 to indefinately, so next year i will need re assessment,now how things stand at present are my old doctor turned against me last year when i wanted her back up for esa(to go into the support group ) she told me to do as they say and not challenge them or i would be worse off, she also said there was no reason why i couldn't do some work as david blunkett is blind and can work(what the hell has that got to do with it???) anyway i vowed never to go to her again,so i decided to see a young male g.p at a different sugery but in the same practice,i have since developed something called "pudendal nerve entrapment" and after various months of ruling anything else out,i got him to agree to send me to see the only specialist in the uk on the n.h.s in manchester( who diagnosed my suspicions of having this to be correct) so i am awaiting help for that,but i have never yet had the chance to talk about my fibro and spondylosis and what a impact it has on a day to day living ,not being able to walk much,or dress myself,or make a meal etc... so i was thinking maybe i should go and book a double appoint and speak to him( as so far he had agreed to send me to manchester. hosp for other prob) ... but the thing is i am too terrified to do it and i have asked my partner to come in with me too and explain things after all he does have to help me lot, i think the new g.p will end up confering with my old g.p as i was under her for 8 years and he has only been at the practice a couple of years,my partner issaying thati should go in on my own as i am not a child and why do i have to drag him in as he doesn't want to but hewill if he has too but he fed up with my health and all i am doing is crying again in copious amounts....

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Having someone to go in with you can be a big help , but only if they are going willingly to be supportive and to fill in any gaps you may leave out.

Is there anyone else you could take ?

Although your GP really shouldn't discuss your consultation with anyone else , in reality I guess your notes are available for any GP in the practice to read, so it's understandable you're worried . Is there any way you can change to a different practice ?

If you can't , then maybe it would be better for you to have a word with the practice manage and explain your fears to them ?

GP's in my view should support their patients and not the DWP , we rely on them to be their for us, they know intimate details about us and I think if my GP wrote to the DWP in the way yours had, I'd be putting in a complaint.

You've been diagnosed with a condition, it's not up to the GP to decide how it affects- or doesn't affect- you at home , you and your partner are better qualified to tell them that in my opinion.


in the same village there is a man i know on about a par with me in having the fibro and he says that i should change to his g.p he says she is brilliant about fibro and supportive( there are two opposing surgeries not relating to each other ),the only thing is (1) if i move to the other g.p will i then NOT be able to have the ongoing treatment i am awaiting for the specialized treatment for pudendal nerve entrapment in manchester (i live in york),that the young male g.p is sending me for ? because i CANNOT AFFORD to jepoardise that in any way


Hi hunny Stay till you've had your treatment then leave thats my advice good luck big gentle hugs. Sithy.


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