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Told you so, helped Gran & by gum

I felt embarrased in front of my granmaa, as she asked us for help!!

Hubby paint, me clean!

Well... Long story but.. I never had contact with my gran until 5 yrs ago!!

Dad and mum divorced when i was 2yrs old, anyways i finally goto see my dad in my late 30's am now 43!! I saw gran due to gramps passing away june 2007.

Too long winded really .

But any ony 2 grand daughters and i eldest other one she has no contact and the rest are boys all university and some police force! My gran says had i been with dad i would have better up bringing (bit sore about that)

Only in past wk heard life story, but went to help her out today and she had no idea of my illnesses and she noticed how bad i was after doing little cleaning!!

After alll i run my businesss and pay girls to do it.

Only i volunteered or rhought she may think i do nor want to help her after the past.

Apparently my uncle has what i have! He was born with it and had to wear leg braces for a very long time. My Anty moved to cyprus because of how severe her oesteoarthritis is, my grandad (god rest his soul) had Angina Heart problems, and my gran has Diabetis type 2 ! I have cousins with it too. My dads had hernias ( like me) so maybe theres my history.

On my mums side brain tumours, cancer and dementia, pheumonia,

You put all these in a big pot and no wander am in a state xxxx

She said to me God lass you are bad i can see and you hardly done anything and you must not do anything else now.

Aww what could i say!! Even gran could get up quicker than me. Its so not funny at 43!!

I am back again next satdy to help her as i must get her bungalow back on top form as much as she had new kitchen fitted ( rip off merchants)

I am gutted i not grown up to know her

Just thought i would share lol xxxx

I cannot remember most wanted to say as am exhausyed in agony and seized up big tiiime buy happy face as always ladies :-D xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thanks for sharing your story. I hope next weekend goes better and that you get some rest over the next few days.




Bless you Fairycazzie! You sound exhausted, make sure you get lots of rest and I hope you feel better really soon. Thanks for posting your story.

Take care, Here's a hug.


Thanks liberty and Simon,

I look at my pposts (enough to put anyone to sleeeep) haha

And that is meant to be short version hehe.

I am visting friend in London next wkend so not at grans!

Nawww my hubby is though as painting her new kitchen.

It really suprised me how i seized up so much i could barely carry my cup of tea (which hubby wanted to bring to me but am stubborn)

And balance was worse too.

I only walked kitchen to living room and trying to get there lol wow.

Then after a long rest i was a bit more mobile.

I dare not show my pain to gran though as i am there to help her!!

Hubby padded up my patio seat put the bowl fire on and looked after me all night xxxxxx

Tganks guys for reading and replying .

XxReally appreciate just a little understanding and sharing.


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